"I feel I have a mission, a message to deliver."

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MARGA is a Sanskrit word stemming from Buddhism; its meaning is

"The Truth on the Path to Liberation from Suffering.

 The Path to Enlightenment."


We live in a time of great change.

We live in a world where people choose to compose their journey, to meet their pain, to express it and to evolve from the process.

We believe that expressing the MARGA of our lives can create a continuous positive empowering evolvement.

As creators with the aim to influence, we are investigating these areas through the work of art, the texts and the effect of setting the audience in motion and involving them through the process.

We want to share this infinite process with the world, and to show how it is a positive one, that empowers and transforms our being, gives us power to shine, be happy and love ourselves and others.

The seed was conceived during Tal's research for her MA thesis in Expressive Arts Therapy where she analyzed the therapeutic aspects of the “Orian - The Open Circle” performance method, through psychological and therapeutic theories, and physical expressions.

This seed started to shape a form of a show from Tal's will to share her insights in a unique therapeutic performance. 

Together with Bat-Chen they dived into a deeper research. They defined, refined, enriched and manifested "MARGA".  Promoting personal and global collective Awareness, Inner Happiness, Acceptance, Self-Expression and Manifestation.  



Actress, Dancer, Choreographer, Writer and Dance Therapist.

MA from Lesley University, Thesis on The therapeutic aspects of The Orian Method – The Open Circle. Professional Diploma in Dance Studies, Laban Centre London Graduated courses in acting at The Method Studio and The City Lit, London, and The Room Theatre, Tel-Aviv. BA Hons in Humanities and Social Sciences (specializing in Film, Theatre and Philosophy), The Open University

Extensive experience in most types of western and eastern dance, creativity, and sports.

Guiding workshops in body-soul connection and movement, at Wingate Institute, Israel ,in collaboration with JDC-Ashelim Israel and the Ministry of Education, Israel. Performing, creating and producing in various companies in Israel and around the world: The Aluminum Show, Kino, Soca Band Berlin, The Matmon (Cache) Theatre, Beit-Zvi School for High Education in Theatre, and more.

"We shall all Master our physical, spiritual and mental lives and then live our own unique legacy."



Dancer, Choreographer and Educator of "Movement creating sound" (Tap dance and Body percussion) and Modern Dance.

Graduated the A.I.D.T. (Association of International Dance Teachers) as a dancer and teacher, and a Pilates and Core movement instructor.

Owner of Vibe Productions LTD, a company which manages and produces original artistic performances for stage. Collaborating with various companies in Israel and around the world: Intama Waata Organization - Arab-Muslim Community, The Aluminum Show, Sharon Lavi Tap Company, The Hair Show, and more.

"What have I done today that makes me feel proud?"

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