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The Tale

"Do you feel yourself ?

Really feel yourself ? Feel your real self ?"

This is the story of Rose, a woman in her 30's, feeling separated from herself, lonely, alienated and depressed. She finds her strength and her knowledge through a process of looking at her past and reflecting on her present life.

Rose discovers herself and connects to the collective, accompanied by:

Iris Rose's feminine-spiritual inner voice, an emotional healer in Rose's journey. Based on the character of Iris - The goddess of the rainbow, the messenger of the Olympian gods to humans.

H.G. Mercury Rose's male-spiritual inner voice, a logical and physical healer in Rose's journey. Based on the character of Hippocrates.

Through monologues and dialogues between the characters, Rose's journey is described as she overcomes her difficulties. 

The process takes place both in the physical and the abstract world.

A journey through time, between the past, present and future, which increases through questions and answers that the audience can identify with.

The show portrays how paying attention to each and every individual's countless feelings, from past and present – the body's sensations, the images surfacing our mind, the thoughts that run in our head and the overflowing emotions - all are crucial to create awareness and connection to the self.

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